Dr.Suhana Mohamed Sultan
Senior Lecturer
Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
81310 Skudai
Johor Bahru
Room: P19a - 05-02-02
ext: 57176

I received my Bachelor in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from  Universiti Tenaga Nasional. After receiving my bachelor degree, I worked as an IC Design Engineer in Malaysia Microelectronics Solutions (My-Ms) which was at that time a business subsidiary of MIMOS Berhad. In 2005, I received ASEAN scholarship to do Msc. in National University of Singapore (NUS). After completing my Masters in Microelectronics, I worked in an A*Star Research institute in Singapore which is called Institute of Microelectronics. In 2008, I returned to Malaysia to work as a lecturer and researcher in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. I went to University of Southampton to do my PhD research under the supervision of Dr Harold Chong and Professor Peter Ashburn in the field of nanowire transistors fabrication and characterization.  

After my PhD, I  joined the Electronics and Computer Engineering Department in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering as a Senior Lecturer in June 2013. I am also a member of the Computational Nano Electronics  Research Group.  My current research interests are investigation of non-Si based nanowire devices as the building blocks for logic integrated circuits, various sensors and study of thin film properties based on semiconductor materials such as ZnO, graphene, nano crystalline graphite etc. I am also  interested in fabrication technology and material study using top-down and bottom-up fabrication approach to realise nanoscale devices.

Currently I am pursuing my postdoctoral study under MyMentor program at the University of Southampton Malaysia Campus, Nusajaya. I am working with Prof John McBride and Dr Suan Hui Pu on NCG materials. My postdoc will due to end in September 2016. 

During the launching of MyMentor Program